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Simi is the eighth largest Greek island in the Dodecanese. Located about 12 miles northwest. Rhodes, Asia Minor before the homonymous gulf or bay Sempeki against the Turks, with a total area 57,865t.chlm .. It is 255 miles from Piraeus, about 27 miles east of Nisiros and 3.7 miles from the nearest coast of Turkey .

The natural harbor is Gialos (from Seashore), around which is built the city amphitheater. At the 2001 census counted 2,606 residents, of whom 2,427 are concentrated in the upper part of town, called the Village, built on the mountain slope Lookout. There are Niborio resorts (from Emporio), north, and Pedi east. Approximately 5% of residents are foreigners Europeans, mainly British. Yialos is connected by road to the village, Pedi, the Niborio, the Marathounta and the Monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis located in the southern west tip of the island.

Simi is a world class tourist destination because of its architecture.

The city of Simi.
The Symi town consists of two beautiful settlements, Ano Symi where is the Castle of the Knights and the Gialos It is the port. On the main road of Symi town you will see the Town Clock, buildings of Police and the Post Office, as well as the historic building "Katerinetes" where was signed the treaty integration of Symi and the other Dodecanese with Greece. Worth a visit to Pontikokastro, which is one of the oldest monuments of the island. Ano Symi is the Archaeological and Folklore museum, which -besides the remarkable folklore syllogi- hosts heads of statues, monuments of early Christian and post-Byzantine period, and Byzantine icons.

n the square you will see the old shipyards where the ships were constructed on the island. Also in Yialos, you can visit the Maritime Museum, which includes thumbnails boats and nautical instruments.

Venetian Castle of the Knights.
Located at the highest point of the village and surrounding the walls of the Church of Our Lady.

The Monastery of Archangel Michael (Panormitis).
ΑThis is the most important religious monument of the island. From Gialos, by boat, but also by car you can reach Panormitis. The monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis on the southwest side of the island, surrounded by cypress and pine trees. Written report on the existence of the monastery is from the 15th century, along with Patmos considered the two major shrines of the Dodecanese. The monastery has a guest house which can accommodate up to 500 people. Of particular interest is the pebbled courtyard with fine geometric patterns. The bell tower is similar to the single Zagkorsk, near Moscow. It is also worth visiting the folklore and ecclesiastical museum. In the sacristy of the monastery kept tamata- who put in the bottles naftikoi- and said that "washed up" the sea. According to locals, if a vow not fulfilled, Saint goes and gets himself and for this reason he is called "Cheater."

Prophet's Elias Monastery

The Monastery of Archangel Michael Roukouniotis.

The Nimos Island

Pontikokastro-Ano Symi

Island Seskli

The twelve Caves (Emporios)

To know someone island on foot, ideal authority is the path Symi - Panormitis. The hiker should start early to avoid the midday heat. The route is quite green, and is dotted with churches: Agios Konstantinos, Panagia Strateri, St. John, St. marina waters and the large monastery of Sotiris. A deviation from this point leads through a forest of cypresses in Kourkouniotis area, where there are 11 restored stone presses.

Swimming to Nos beach, next to Harani, in Niborio, Pedi, in Tolima and Marathounta.

Tour by boat or water taxi to St. George Dysalonas, Saint Basil beaches Fokospilia, Nanou, Aghia Marina, Agios Emilianos and islands Nimos (north) and Sesklo (south).



Hiking to the120 Byzantine wine presses that are scattered on the island.


Do not neglet during your visit to the island to try:

Gaellopites pies from smelt.

Symian shrimp

Akoumia something like donuts.

Stuffed gialantzi




Simi recent years (since 1995) creates a cultural summer with distinctive personality, the Simi Festival, proving our love for culture. The festival is based on the idea of ​​volunteering, the selfless participation of artists and organizers. The Festival has been honored by many renowned international stature artists from Greece and abroad and new emerging. The Symi festival includes several cultural activities such as concerts of classical and modern music, dance, theater, cinema, literary evenings, etc. All these activities take place in paradosiakis architectural buildings from the 17th, 18th and 19th century, such as the famous mansion Chatziagapitou, the courtyard of the Church of St. John and the Monastery of Panormitis.


In Simi every year cultural events which have the possibility every visitor to parevrethei.Me occasion of the celebration tourist can participate energa.Tha has the opportunity to acquire a viomatiki experience with the manners and customs of the island mas.Deite date below and place conducted.

Monastery Panormitis | 31 May

Trinity | 4 June

St John Grape | 24 June

Agia Marina in islet | 17 July

Prophet Ilias, on the way to Panormitis | 20 July

Agios Panteleimonas | 27 July

The Savior (The Great Sotiris) on the way to Panormitis | 5 August

His Redeemer (Little Sotiris) on the way to the Chames & His Savior (The Great Sotiris) on the way to Panormitis | 6 August

Virgin Mary and True Myrtariotissa | 15 August

Obedience and Virgin Mary True | 24 August

Panormitis and Michael Roukouniotis | 8 November


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